Letters From The Desert

Video Remix [March 2015]

My second attempt at digital remix once again takes the desert as its subject matter. This project was created for the &Now 2015 Blast Radius conference held at CalArts in Valencia California in March 2015 and is a film remix of personal footage of the desert. It is a desert absent of humans but accompanied by a disembodied voice over. It is a project that asks how a body disappears to become nothing but a combination of text fragments appropriated from the love letters of other bodies, other writers, present only in their remixed absence.

This video remix uses footage of the desert that I shot from a variety of modes of transportation: plane, car, bike, foot. The voiceover is a reading of three letters written from an anonymous woman, “S,” to her abandoned lover, “R,” from undisclosed locations in the desert. The text of the letters was composed out of single sentences stolen from the letters written by a variety of modernist authors communicating back and forth to each other and from letters to/from their lovers. So while the voices of many writers are present, their collective voice becomes a singular new voice when arranged in the love letters sent by the anonymous woman to her lover, “R.” The multitude of voices distilled to one voice disappears into the desert footage absent of human bodies as “S” flies further and further away from love.