Every once in awhile I get to have tiny adventures even though school and teaching occupies most of my time. Before I tell you about my donut adventure, I just have to say this: many of you very kind friends of mine have expressed genuine concern over my eating habits since I’m always talking about nutella and posting photos of all things sugar. Here’s the deal: I actually eat really well. My main food staples are tuna and spinach and broccoli and black beans and yogurt and granola and fruit and beets and lima beans. It’s just that I’ve never been moved by a photo of salad, and nothing anyone has ever said about eating a jar of some healthy kind of food has been funny. I post photos of dessert and make funny comments about eating sugar because it makes me laugh. I had a physical for the first time in 7 years a few weeks ago and the doctor told me I’m so healthy she doesn’t even have any suggestions for improvement. So let’s just move on, k? Because this is the bestttttt….
A took me to a place called Donut Friend. I’m not kidding. It’s called Donut Friend. It’s a custom donut shop in Highland Park and I cannot even explain how much this place is my own personal heaven. I sat at a counter eating three epic donuts while Building Nothing era Modest Mouse played overhead. I just kept giggling. And then we got mexican food. Have I mentioned I’m obsessed with food lately? Oh and I wore a tutu and we walked around the neighborhood that was filled with music shops and design stores and the best street art. Los Angeles just keeps giving and giving. 
Other things I’ve been up to [pre-spring break] involve working at a coffee shop in Hollywood near my mechanic while my car was being repaired, cutting up and reclaiming a t-shirt I bought for my X last spring break in San Francisco so I can wear it myself since we broke up before I could ever give it to him, hanging with my creature, hanging with my best friend and her creatures, nutella, loving up on this gorgeous city of mine. 

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