Last weekend was an important one. One year since my partner and I occupied the same geographical space as partners. One year since what I never knew was our last everything. The person I was going to spend my life with. It’s taken everything I’ve got inside me and everyone I’ve got around me to get through it. And somehow, a soundtrack developed along the way. Songs I’d hear in other peoples’ cars, at coffee shops, through open apartment windows, in my yoga classes. Songs that spoke to the various stages of my denial, my acceptance, and everything I felt and didn’t want to feel along the way. Yes, I’m “that person” for blogging about my break up for all the internet to see, but I’m sure the internet is big enough. I’m sure it’s got enough space for this. I’m not saying I’m through it, but I think I’m through the worst of it. I feel strong. I feel resolved. I feel like someone who worked through something, someone who is ready to work through something else. I didn’t go looking for these songs. They found me. In order. Devastatingly. Hopefully.

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